4WD metal smart car chassis

Item No.: CC011

This car has several competitive advantages comparing to what's on the market: 
1. chassis uses imported and extra thick 5mm acrylic. it's durable and nice in appearance..
2. power adopts four all-metal geared motors (geared motor has higher noise, but more durable than combination ones with metal and plastic).
3. using high quality tyre insert with burrs and 80mm in tyre diameter, the tyre has good grip, high friction, and suitable for off-road driving.
4. the chassis surface has reserved installation place for holder, servos can be installed to realize two degrees of freedom.
5. add installation place for ARDUINO controller board.
6. add installation place for L298N motor controller board.
7. reserve battery case mounting holes for 2 18650 batteries. 
8. add installation places for other sensor module, convenient for expension.
1. wheel diameter: 80 mm
2. wheel width: 60 mm
3. motor rated voltage: 6VDC (can work with 6-24 )
4. motor rated speed: 100 revolutions per minute

5. motor gearbox length: 19mm

6. motor rated current: 0.37A 

Shipping list

1. extra thick 5mm acrylic: 1
2. metal motor: 4
3. extension coupler: 4
4. big tyre: 4 
5. several screws


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