5V 2 Channel Relay Module Shield

Item No.: ME114

 2 road with light coupling relay module
Module parameters:
1. Size: 50.6 mm (length) * 38.8 mm (width) * 19.3 mm (high)
2. Weight: 30 g
3. PCB color: black
4. The board with four fixed screw holes all round, hole diameter is 3.1 mm, convenient installation and fixed
5. Loose relay, relay selection of quality single pole double throw. A common end and a beginning, a normally closed end
6. Optical coupling isolation, anti-interference performance is good
7. Low level off, released in high level. Suction state indicator right, release the state when the light is out
8. VCC for system power, JD_VCC power supply for the relays. The default 5 v relay, with jumper cap
9. Maximum output relay: 30 v / 10 a dc, ac 250 v / 10 a
Connection details:
VCC: the anode system power
The cathode GND: system power
IN1 - IN2: relay control port
Shipping list:
2 road with a light coupling relay module
Relay contact capacity 250 v10a. Relay output normally open, normally closed;
Low level effectively. 5 v relay signal input voltage range: 0-5 v.
The VCC power supply system. JD - VCC relay power supply. The default 5 v relay. JD - VCC and VCC short sub.